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My name is David,I'm 13 years old.There are three members in my family.My father,my mother and me.My parents love me very much.They often take me to visit famous places.In my daily life,I like to play computers.When I'm free,I also like splrts like basketball and swimming.Sports can make me healthy.


Hello,everyone!Mynameis___.AndIam12yearsold.IamastudentonGrade7(初一).Mrxxismyenglishteacherandwealllikehim. myfatherisanengineer,hedowellinmath.Iamgoodatmath,too.butmyenglishandchineseisnotverywell. Ilikeplayingbasketball,football,badmintonandtabletennis.Myhobbyisreading. Myphonenumberis。Youcancallme!

--------- 大家好,我叫__。我今年12岁。我是一名初一的学生。xx是我的'英语老师,我们都很喜欢他。 我爸爸是一名工程师,他很擅长。我也很擅长数学,但是我的英语和还不够好。 我喜欢打篮球踢足球打羽毛球和乒乓球,业余爱好是阅读。 我的电话是___。可以电话联系我!


Hello!My name is XX.I am a Chinese girl.I am fourteen.I am a middle school student.Frankly speaking,Irene is not beautiful.I like autumn,the ground is covered with fallen leaves.I like basketball,but I dislikes sports.I very love sit in the sun.I like sduty,sing and shopping,too.I think I am a happy girl.My family is not big.There are my parents,my two brother and I.Being the eldest,I must look after my brothers.My desire was to become a writer.


Good morning, everyone! It’s a great honor for me to introduce myself to all of you. My name is Serena and I’m fifteen years old. I come from Dalian city which is a beautiful and attracting place. Wish you can visit there and I believe that you will be impressed. English and movie are my favorites which can help me learn and rela_. I like making friends, especially the ones who share common interests with me. And I think we can have much to share and talk. I hope to make progress with my friends. Thank you.


My name is Liu yang. I`m a thirteen-year-old boy. I`m a student of Class Four, Grade Seven in the No.3 middle school from Luo yang . My study is well. I`m tall and strong. I`m a diligent boy.

I study hard at all my lessons. My dream is to be a knowledgeable man. I know it`s very hard. The way is very long. But I will try my best to do it well. And I belive myself. I have many hobies. They are reading, running, swimming, playing, basketball, climbing and playing table tennis. Everyday I all need some time to reading.

On Saturdays I play basketball or play table tennis with my friends. In my free time, sometimes I help my mother with housework or do what I want to do. I have a colorful life!


Hello,everyone,my name is luona,my English name is this year already 13 years old,my birthday is November ideal‘s ising to grow up is an experienceds university professor behind.

I like to play badminton,like to eat ice-cream,like to do the matter that I like to am very always ready to also no wonder that,dont I smile a difficult way to want me to cry?To,what I dont like most is to cry,having another difficult I even want to cry to also want to endure,but that didnt also how much,will be good to live so much,weep and sniffle always of,much to be a happy person.

To,would you like to be a friend with me?I stay a contact method to:xxxxxxx, electronics mailboxes:xxxxx, the susie. coms contact me quickly!





Good evening,I know it's 3:00pm now,But I always what to say good le always call me .I think if I have a choice.I would tell my parents I want to be called ,it's a be in this class is a wonderful use god has told me that we will be the NO.1 during the next 3 ,I shouldn't tell you this because god also has told me not to tell others.

I like making friends with others a I think we will have a very good time ,don't expect me to tell you how to talk to k you.







Hello! My name is Huang xx, and you can also call me Huang xx. I am 13 years old and just about to enter junior high school!

I am a girl with short hair, with a pair of big eyes. One is given by my mother, and the other is given by my father. Because I have single eyelids and double eyelids, which belong to my mother and father. Haha, its interesting! I also have an upturned nose and a cherry red mouth, which is my appearance. Now, please listen to the honors I have received.

I graduated from Zhenan Elementary School in Boli County. Although it is not a very famous elementary school, I love it very much because I have won many honors there. I have won multiple awards for being a literary star and a disciplinary star. In fact, I am not a disciplined student or a civilized student. I have also thrown fruit peels and other garbage on the ground, and caught some small actions during class. The teacher should not have given me, but now that I am a middle school student, I need to overcome my shortcomings and become an excellent student.

I also often argue with others about my personality. Everyone says that my personality is too unique, and no one can be like me. Some even joke that using current scientific technology to clone may not necessarily replicate a true me. I am a person who always adheres to my beliefs, and I will not easily change my own views, even if I am wrong sometimes, Because I always believe in my own answers. Look! This is a girl who doesnt easily change her beliefs.

Your own path in life is illuminated by yourself, so dont easily change your beliefs, believe in yourself. I am a girl full of sunshine, hoping to be friends with my family. Thank you!


My name is Susan. I'm 12 years old.My favorite subject is Math.

Because I think it's difficult but funny.I like green very much.I often play volleyball after school.I think it's interesting .I like playing the violin and the piano.My favorite day is Sunday.Because in that day I don't go to school.




Hello,every! My name is Lihua. My English name is Helen. I have two bright eyes and short hair. Im twelve. Im from Shenzhen city,China.

There are three people in my family, my mother, father and I. My parents work in a bank. They work hard. I begin to go to Shenzhen Middle School this month. Im in Class Three, Glade school is very good. There are about three thousand students in it. And I have a good English teacher. Her name is Luowei. she speaks English very well. We all like her.

Now,I have some friends. They are all friendly to me. Were all happy.





My name is xxx,I'm 12 years old.I come from primary school.I think I'm a kind and confident girl.I like all the subject that I will learn this year,and I try my best to lear English well all the time.I like listening to pop songs and singing.I've been learning dance for 4 years.I think these hobby will be good for my future.I got on well with my classmates and my teachers when I was in the primary school,I'm glad to meet all the people in our 's be friends!


Hello, Everybody! I am very glad to stand here to give you my am from Liangbing Middle am studying in Class 1,Grade love my hometown Liangbing because it s a very beautiful town.

I have many hobbies, such as reading books, listening to music, surfing the Internet and listening to music is my like pop music best. My idol are am a lively like making friends and chatting with can play the Chinese paed all ten levels when I was in Grade , because of the busy study, I don t have any free time to practise a pity!I am good at Math and English and I like English my opinion, it s very easy and fun to learn and use English and this contest is a great chance for me to learn English from saying is god help those who help themselves and I will never give up during my course of learning.

Now, after listening to my introduction, do you know me well?

That s you!






My name is Liu xia .I am a girl .My frist name is xia .My last name is liu .I am twelve years old .Ihave brother and sister .My mother and father haven't work .I like English and art .I have a big eyes and long hair .I like play ping-pong and reading books .I want to be a doctor .


Hello, everyone. I’m very happy to stand here to introduce myself.


My name is Wang Xiaoming. I’m 14 years old, from Zhen Jiang Zhong Shan Road Primary School. It’s a beautiful school, and I love it very much.


I’m a happy and talented boy. I like to make friends with others, and I get on well with my classmates. Basketball is my favorite sport. I always play basketball in my spare time. Through this game, I get many benefits.


At school, I study Chinese, Math, English, History, and so on. I like all of them. And I’m doing well in my study. I’m interested in learning English very much. I believe that I will do well in future. I won’t let you down.


Thank you for your listening.


My name is XXX.And I'm 13 years old.My hobbies are singing,dancing and

drawing pictures.And I'm a sanguine person.My favourite stars are Shu Chang and JJ Lam.I like playing computer game and reading classic

in the rest.I'm studying at Xiao Shi Zhong Xin school.

My name is Liu yang. I`m a thirteen-year-old boy. I`m a student of Class Four, Grade Seven in the No.3 middle school from Luo yang . My study is well. I`m tall and strong.

I`m a diligent boy. I study hard at all my lessons. My dream is to be a knowledgeable man. I know it`s very hard. The way is very long. But I will try my best to do it well. And I belive myself. I have many hobies. They are reading, running, swimming, playing, basketball, climbing and playing table tennis. Everyday I all need some time to reading. On Saturdays I play basketball or play table tennis with my friends.

In my free time, sometimes I help my mother with housework or do what I want to do. I have a colorful life!

My name is Nasi. I am studying in Nasi Middle School now, and I am in 爱好) and interests(兴趣) are swimming, singing, playing badminton(羽毛球), and making friends. I have many friends in our school, and my best . the music. He studies very hard, and always helps me.

There people in my family. My parents are farmers, they work hard to for me to go to school. My sister is a student, too. She is a beautiful girl, and 此处可以根据家庭成员再进行详细的介绍) We are in a happy family, and I love them very much.


Hello, junior high school will study with everyone. Im so excited.

My name is xxx, I am a xx years old boy. Why is it called a boy? Because my heart is still very weak and has not been tempered by years.

In others serious I may always be happy, optimistic. But my heart is often sad for some things, anxiety, trouble, and even give up! I think there will be happiness because there is pain, life is like two glasses of wine, one cup of bitter wine, one cup of sweet wine. It just depends on which one you have first.

Life can be divided into seven stages: childhood, childhood, youth, adulthood, middle age, and old age. We are in the youth, which is the time to shape our life values and goals. What kind of person we will become in the future, the main determining factors will happen in the next three years, so I am looking forward to the future junior high school life.

I like to recall my childhood, recall my childhood brought me countless happiness; And I am more eager to become an adult as soon as possible, because when you are an adult, you can do what you like and no longer be constrained by others.

My self-introduction is relatively brief, do you want to call me friends? Thank you all!